Medication Refills

Refill Policy

Our practice philosophy is to prescribe medication for your child only when medically indicated. We do not prescribe medication, especially antibiotics, without a valid diagnosis.

Please note: if your child has not been seen in our office for over one year we cannot refill any medication.

If your child has been diagnosed with a chronic condition requiring ongoing medication, we will need to see your child in the office regularly. Children taking chronic medications need regular follow up to both monitor the progress of their condition, as well as to identify and manage any adverse side-effects of medication. Although we may check in by phone periodically, some things are better to review in the office, and we want to make sure we’re providing your child the best possible care. Follow up frequency depends on the condition and stability on the current medication. For example, behavioral health and asthma controller medications require “med checks” at least every 4 months when well controlled, where as some other medications can be followed yearly at well checks. Your provider will let you know at the appointment when you’ll need to be seen next.

Requesting refills:

1. Please make sure that the pharmacy we have on file for you is correct prior to submitting your refill request. We communicate electronically with most pharmacies regarding all types of medication. Depending on the pharmacy you choose it may take several hours for them to process your prescription.

2. At the present time we can only process refill requests during business hours. If you need a refill, please submit a refill request through the patient portal. If you are not on our portal yet, please call to leave a message for our staff at 480-860-8488 option #4 during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), Monday - Friday. Please do not call after hours or on the weekend for prescription refills as our afterhours triage staff do not have access to our refill system.

3. Please allow 48 hours to process your request. Urgent refills of chronic medications will incur a $25 charge for same day service.

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